Van Robaeys Frères

Culture et préparation de fibre de lin


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Van Robaeys Frères is a flax scutching mill situated in the North of France.
Its expertises are the preparation of textile fibers for flax and cotton mills and technical fibers for insulation and reinforcement of composites.

The company, founded in 1928 by the Van Robaeys brothers, consists of 2 production units, the largest is located in Killem near the Belgian border, the other one, in Fortel-en-Artois.
VRF generates an output of 6000 ha of flax (or 6% of the national production).
The company has 90 employees.

Production capacity

Flax scutching:
40,000 tons of straw per year (36,000 tons max.)

- 8,000 tons of long fibers per year
- 5,000 tons of half scutched shorts fibers per year


- 5,000 tons of carded and cut shorts fibers per year


- 3,000 tons per year maximum