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The main product from the flax is the long fibre (or scutched flax).
The scutched flax is classified in various categories, which resume the following characteristics: The strength, the sharpness, the color, the length, the possible defects, etc..
We can also cut the long fibre to adapt it to different processes. Different cuts exist : from 3.8 mm to 120 mm. Each scutched flax lot is preparer in samples, classed and placed in the auctions room.
The scutched flax are shipped by container or or sent by truck to the spinning of flax. After hackling, stretching, spinning, weaving, coloring and clothing, the flax fiber will come back as linen clothes or household linen.


The shorts fibers from the flax scutching : They are cleaned and scutched.
There are many opportunities: For the finest, mixing with cotton (and then spinning), Insulation, Papermaking industry (for Bible, for cigarettes).

Carded shorts fibers

Carded scutched shorts fibers are worked according to the specifications of each client. This workshop is certified ISO 9001-2000.
Each order is subject to close monitoring: Raw materials selection, Cutting control, Products cleanliness, Test report: analysis of the fineness and distribution of fiber length by number.
Carded shorts fibers are put in rectangular balls (145kg approximately)

Flax absorbs vibration, its density (1.4) is lower than the one of carbon.
Concerning the resistance to elongation and the coefficients of expansion, the results are similar to those obtained with carbon.
These properties are particularly interesting to manufacturers of bicycle and boat..

The opportunities are: Automotive industry (Support of doors, sound insulation), Reinforced composites (Dashboard, interior door, hull and deck for boat), Buildings insulation, etc... New applications should be created, such as wind turbine blades..

Cottoned short fibers

Good quality shorts fibers can be reworked to allow the manufacture of mixtures with other short fibers such as cotton, polyester or viscose. The cottoned shorts fibers are classified according to their color, length and fineness. Qualities go from 20GR to 26S. These materials allow to spin from 12 to 24 metric and obtain mixed products : shirts 40% linen 60% cotton, for example. The cottoned shorts fibers are put in rectangular balls (about 250kg) and can be protected with gunny..

The production is continuously analyzed: fineness (air permeability), distribution of fiber lengths by weight and number.
Such analysis allow to have an accurate pedigree for each specific production.


Flaxseeds are shipped by truck to different companies to produce:oil, paint, food for livestock, etc...

The seeds can be shipped in bulk, in big bags or in 50kg bags. They can also be cleaned and treated. For example, with 1 hectare of flax, it is possible to produce: 100 liters of linseed oil (for paint) or 200 kg of food for livestock.


The flax dust is composted. These products are gerenally used by horticulturalists, landscapers, gardeners and farmers. The trade name is COMPOLIN.

The Compolin, topsoil, comes from dust and particles of biodegradable flax.
This is an excellent product to improve and alleviate the physical structure of the soil. It improves the biological life in soil thanks to its humus content, and has a beneficial nutritive action for plants. The Compolin is sold bagged or in bulk. It can be mixed with peat. It meets the standards on compost (NF 44051). The Compolin does not contain any heavy metals nor pathogen germs, nor weeds.

COMPOLIN analysis