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Culture et préparation de fibre de lin

Flax and Health

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Studies have shown that flax has numerous beneficial effects on human beings:


The use of linen sheets rather than cotton ones can have a positive impact on the quality of sleep. Indeed, it is recognized that we sleep better in linen sheets which also improves mood in the morning.


Flax is very important for the thermal well-being of the body and which does not cause irritation. Thus, in case of heavy sweats, socks and gloves linen are very valuable because they help to protect the skin and to control the thermal regulation. It was also shown that muscle tension decreases if athletes wear linen suits.


Flax fiber has anti-allergical and anti-bacterial properties. Using a linen towel (or a linen handkerchief) is very beneficial to the skin as the flax does not irritate.

Finally, flax fiber is proved to be the most pleasant to the touch, it therefore provides well-being to those who use it.