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Culture et préparation de fibre de lin

Cultivation & Yield

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Sowing takes place from mid-March to mid-April.
The density goes from 1800 to 2000 seeds / m².


Flax is blooming in mid-June
Although flax flower is very ephemeral (few hours), a field can remain in bloom for several days.
No additional water is needed.
The inputs are ten times lower than those of other cultures.
There are different varieties of flowers: blue, purple or white.


Picking begins when flax is mature, in mid-July.
Picking machines extract flax from the soil and let it down on the fields for a while.
It will actually remain exposed to rain and sun for few weeks. This is an essential stage before flax scutching.


Indeed, natural glues are going to be destroyed by the action of the rain and the sun.

The flax turning operation

The flax has to be turned over because each side has to be exposed.

Rolling or pressing

Flax is ready. The operation consists in forming balls of straw around 250kg and 125cm in diameter. Then, it will be stored and transported to the scutching mill.

The arrival at the mill

Trucks are carrying about 150 tons of flax straw per day.
The balls are unloaded on trailers and stored in a storage shed before going into production.