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Culture et préparation de fibre de lin


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The dictionary defines scutching in the following manner: "mechanical operal in order to remove textile cells from the wood.

In practice, the fibers that are contained in the flax straw must be extracted without being tangled. Also they must be adjusted, equalized, ordered. Scutching must be executed with great precision because this is one of the major particularities of the production of flax. It requires expert skills and an excellent knowledge of the plant.

The scutching is done in several step. First we place the bale in a table then we spread the fiber, in a homogeneous way before going into the machine.

Then the fiber is going through crushers and beaters which remove the flax fiber from the wood. We also separe the long fibers, the noble part of the flax, and the short fibers. At the end of the line we have only the long fiber. However we collect all the part of the flax, the wood are store in truck and short fibers are compact, the wood is store in trailers and the seeds in silos.

Long fibers are sort so that we can put out those with defect. They are packed in round bales.